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Caroline Munro Uber Alles!

Oh, also – Check out my interview with retro SF, Bonf, and Harryhausen actress Caroline Munro in Retro Fan magazine issue #19, on stands right now – March, 2022. She’s the greatest!


I’m NOT Dead After All!

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in forever. Y’all, I just don;t spend much time here. I’m much more active over on Facebook and Twitter (@GoAnthonyTaylor). I’ll try to post more over here, but until then, APES ON FILM has expanded! Not only just on, it’s now also available at! I’m posting a new one every few weeks, so check either site at your leisure. I’m also running my consumer goods company Pop Kulture Vulture at Pop by and have a look, won’t you? Lots of cool new projects on the horizon, I’ll update again soon.



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My retrospective feature article on Filmation’s GROOVIE GOOLIES is in (and on the cover!) of the new issue of Horror Hound Magazine, #56. You love it if you’re a fan, it covers the series from conception to current day, highlighting all the cool merchandise. Many thanks to Andy Mangels and Jack Mendelssohn for their help in preparing the article and finding images.



I’ve got two Gerry Anderson tributes hitting bookstores this week! The first is in Video WatcHDog #173, above. I’m really happy to finally have an article published in editor Tim Lucas’s venerable film digest. VW is a magazine for serious film lovers, and the content is a great mix of criticism, meticulously researched articles and in-depth interviews. It’s available in Barnes & Noble and finer bookstores everywhere, or click the photo above to order it direct online.




The second tribute is a special section in Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine #267 remembering Gerry. I’m very happy to be back in the pages of the ORIGINAL monster magazine with such a large chunk of real estate devoted to Anderson and his works. Many thanks to editor Ed Blair for responding so favorably to my pitch for coverage when Gerry passed away. Ed’s a SuperM fan himself and was just about to start beating the bushes looking for someone to write this when I came knocking. I wound up writing four articles and August Ragone contributed one as well. Shown above are the Newsstand and Subscription/Direct Market covers. It should be available now in most bookstores including Books-A-Million, or you can order direct by clicking the photo above.

Hope you enjoy them – let me know if you do!



Now available, Andersonic Magazine Issue 15 has an article on FTL Publications’ line of Thunderbirds™ novels, including Arctic Adventure! I was interviewed for the piece, as was FTL Publisher and author Joan Verba and cover artist Steve Kyte. I haven’t seen a copy yet but expect to get mine very soon. If you’ve gotten yours, let me know how it is! Check out the Andersonic Homepage for ordering info.


The new issue of SFX Magazine features my article and interview with Space: 2099 producer Jace Hall entitled Five Things You Need To Know About Space: 2099. I even got a cover blurb (just north of Strippers vs. Werewolves)!

Check it out, on newsstands now!


…SPACE: 2099!

There’s a tease for an interview/article I wrote in the new issue (#221) of SFX Magazine with Space: 2099 producer Jace Hall which has just been posted at the magazine’s website: CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

SFX #221 goes on sale Wednesday, April 4th in the UK and not long after here in the USA. Hope you’ll pick it up and enjoy!


Woohoo! For the tenth straight year, I remain UN-nominated for a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award! I was only going for a three-peat, but this is overwhelming. >choke!<

Ok, so I may have actually done nothing nomination-worthy for about seven of those years, and its possible that the taste of sour grapes is in my mouth, but that could also be the cheap wine. Sometimes Boone’s Farm is the only balm that will heal, as I’m sure all of you would agree.

Many of you.

Any of you?

I would love to have seen any of the interviews or articles I had published this year nominated, and I think at least two were contenders, but I do believe that the ones that actually made the cut earned their spots. This year as for the past nine, David Colton, Kerry Gammill and the all volunteer staff of the Rondo Awards have worked very hard to field a ballot jam-packed with classic monster goodness, and I thank them for their efforts.

Here are just a few of my favorites on the ballot this year, and if you’re waffling on who to vote for, by all means let me influence you.


— YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT THIS AD IS ABOUT, directed by Andreas Roth. German commercial will surprise you. CLICK HERE to view.


— THE HAMMER VAULT, by Marcus Hearn. (Titan Books, hardcover, 176 pages, $34.95). From the studio archives, documents, stills and memorabilia in a handsome package.

— MAIL-ORDER MYSTERIES: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads! by Kirk Demarais. (Insight, hardcover, 156 pages, $19.95). The shocking truth about what you really got if you ordered those X-Ray Glasses or Six-Foot Monsters.


— ‘Dare You See It? James Whale’s Frankenstein,’ by Pierre Fournier. MONSTERPALOOZA #1. Using vintage newspaper stories, ads and ballyhoo, what the public was told about the filming of Frankenstein in 1931.

— ‘The Making of Hands of the Ripper,’ by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #26. How the shocking tale made it to theaters mostly intact.

— ‘Music by James Bernard: Themes For a Tapestry of Terror,’ by Steve Vertlieb, FILM MUSIC REVIEW, Fall 2011. Scoring the master of suspense and thrills.


— Mimsy Farmer: ‘The Mimsy Farmer Experience,’ by Mark F. Berry. VIDEO WATCHDOG #162. Extensive talk with star of dragstrip films, Four Flies on Grey Velvet and more.

— Haruo Nakajima: ‘The Original Godzilla,’ by August Ragone. FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #256. The man who played Godzilla, Rodan, Gargantua and many others recalls the hot suit, the staged battles and the work ethic.


My pal Mark Maddox has three in contention this year – Little Shoppe of Horrors #27, MAD SCIENTIST #23, and Undying Monsters #1 – A vote for any of them is a vote for great art.

In addition, Jeff Preston’s cover for Monsterpalooza #1 is in the race as well, and it’s a beauty, too.


Wonderfest. ‘Natch.


I’m writing in Mark Maddox.

These are just a few of my favorites – the full ballot is now available online, and anyone can vote. The awards ceremony will be held again this year at Wonderfest in May, in Louisville, Kentucky. See you there.


Click the Rondo Banner below to be whisked to the website so that you may vote forthwith!


Here’s editor Chris Alexander talking about Fangoria Issue #309, the December issue on stands now. It includes my interview with Martine Beswick, star of Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde!


Check the links on the Order Magazines Page to find a copy of Fangoria #309 for sale!