I’m happy to FINALLY be able to announce this project! I’ve created a pilot for a half-hour reality tv series set in Toby Sells’ Creature FX Makeup shop here in Atlanta, GA. I’m co-producing it with Toby and Chris Mills, my production partner.  We’re currently in post production on the pilot, and we’ve just uploaded the first trailer for the show on our brand spankin’ new website, TOBYANDTHEMONSTERNAUTS.COM!

The beginnings of this project go back to January of 2010, when I first visited Toby’s shop and got the idea for the series. It’s been a long road getting it to a finished state – Toby’s schedule on films like Hall Pass, Wanderlust, and TV shows like Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, and Vampire Diaries kept us from being able to shoot for months. Finally it all came together in the Fall of last year and we’ve been working on putting it together since January.

We’re almost ready to begin showing it to potential distributors and cable outlets and hope to get the green light for a series very soon. Stay tuned for updates here and at http://tobyandthemonsternauts.com/ and please join us on Facebook as well!


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